Italy in Pictures: part 2 of 3 --> Cities

We hit Italy in 13 days... and we did 6 amazing cities. Here's part 2 of 3. Italy organized by city.

Milan - ( see photos ) :::::::::  3 nights... the Duomo was insane and beautiful. The best was the corner butcher that gave us great eats every night.

Lake Como
- (see photos) :::::::::: A day trip filled with amazing images. We took the Ferry 2 hours to cris-cross the lake until we hit the little town of Bellagio.

- (see photos) ::::::  2 nights. We walked everywhere. Highlights were the Campo (plaza) that we had dinner while we watched the local children play... not to mention the Gondola ride on the last morning was treat-filled.

- (see photos) :::::::::  3 nights. Amazing local advise from a friend / designer. A lovely town and place to stay.... and a portrait to remember. Don't forget the 400+ steps we climbed to oversee everything.

San Gimignano
-(see photos) :::::::::: 1 night. Amazing little town. Quaint and filled with magic. Great dinner and lovely light. Chloe had her first scooter ride... she was thrilled.

Rome -(see photos) ::::::::: 4 nights. Epic. History, Forum, Vatican, Rome coliseum. So many great walks, Campos and fountains. The pizza and pasta was amazing and so was the history.

I took over 4500 pictures over these 6 cities and 13 days... these are some of my favorites...