Lovely people from

This is the following day when we picked up bono's guitar. Allison Biggs was a tremendous host and made our experience amazing.

Thanks to a visionary CEO

This is Matt Pohlson, founder and CEO of Omaze, our chaperone for the evening and visionary behind this great company.

Meeting Bono

On this day he came around the corner and look me right in the eye with the type of conviction and honesty that only a great leader can have. He spoke about the importance of justice and how the voice of the people carries a stronger punch.

He told Chloe of their family prayer which was to 'be available for work'. And to let work wash over you.

Chloe shared her heart for Jesus and said, "I know you have a heart for Jesus too."

Chloe also shared and thanked him for being such a great role model, and that kids today need a better role models like him.

Bono locked on to Chloe and looked her in the eye the entire time.

He was present...

And then he signed our guitar.

It was an amazing experience.


Anticipation to meet a hero

Four months Chloe and I were in dissipation of what the experience was going to be like. And then in a matter of 45 minutes, it all happened.

All the details converts, our friend Matt met us and took us to the venue, and our friend Allison met us at the venue and gave us a tour.

Next was the man in charge.


A long-time friend...

Rare that I laugh as much as I do when I'm with Shane. Chloe says "I like how you are Around Shane".

Of course, he's fun to be with. We have a lot of history together.