*UPDATED* Early morning basketball...

We're into our 2nd week of basketball for Tucker. Lots of double dribbles and mob-basketball, but it's fun for them. The love it. If they didn't tuck in their shirts, they'd be down past their knees...love it!

Tahoe: Day 2 & Day 3

The kids, Lori and I had a pretty great time skiing together. It was said that the snow was the 'Best in 17 years'... Indeed it was pretty amazing. On day 3 the sun came out and it was absolutely magical.




Day 2 was filled with snow.

Chloe skis her first black diamond!

On her own, she said to me one day on the lift, "dad, do you think I'm ready for 'Show off'?" (a black run we'd been watching for a while).

I said, "sure Chloe, do YOU think you are ready?"

Apparently she was. We ended up skiing it a few times in a row.

Afterwards she tells me, "dad, I'm really proud of myself."

You should be, chloe. You should be!