Surfing Maui 2012

One of the highlights of the trip for both Chloe and Tucker was
surfing! This was Tucker's 2nd time and Chloe's first time. They both
loved it! We had a great instructor, easy waves and of course the
water was warm. Great experience.

Tuck's Pinewood derby car...

The race is tomorrow. 5 oz and packed for speed.
We have a sweet neighbor, 'papa lou' that has helped tucker in the
shop for several weeks now... sanding, painting and learning the tools
of the trade.

way to go Tuck! nice job! Good luck tomorrow.

Fun with suds...

The other night Tucker was taking a bath and he was playing with the suds so I grabbed the camera and started shooting... it was pretty funny.

Basketball and tacos...

Hanging with Tuck today... He had a basketball game and then we went to lunch together. Tacos Mexico is insanely awesome!