An afternoon at PIXAR... what a treat!

Sometimes you have an experience where the layers of emotion and inspiration come shining through. Today was one of those afternoons for me.

One of Lori's childhood friends (Mark Andrews) has been at Pixar for over 10 years now. He hosted us (and the kids) for lunch and a tour today.
What an amazing time we had! 

For those who knew me in a previous life, I once wanted to be an animator! I spent my early twenties teaching computer animation through my association with Alias | Wavefront. Now as a dad, I've grown-up with my kids knowing (and loving) the characters in the Pixar Movies. Our friend Andrea also met us up on the tour, which was amazing.

The thing that struck me about Pixar is that they are the real deal... their creative culture that is. I've seen the 'Behind the Scenes' of their DVD's for years, but I see Ed Catmull and John Lasseter, (major icons in the industry)... having lunch in the company cafeteria. I see the artwork, the animators offices, and I EVEN got to see the secret Lounge. 

I've seen many company cultures and always admired those companies that walk the fine line of delivering top creative products yet retain an atmosphere and an environment that keeps and retains the creative people that help drive it. Pixar is that company, deep to it's core.

I'm all giddy like a little kid! Today was a great and amazing day.

This was my Disneyland...