I'm turning 40! Help me save 40 people in 40 days!


<UPDATE> As of November 20th, you've helped me raise over $2000 for (over 2x my goal!). What an amazing Blessing! thank you!


On October 28th, 2011 I'm turning 40! I'm trying to save 40 lives in 40 days! I'm sharing my birthday with charity:water to help bring clean drinking water to people in need.

$20 provides clean drinking water for 1 person!

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So to help, I'm giving up my birthday gifts, counting my blessings and asking for $10 from everyone I know. 100% of the money will fund the equipment to drill wells for people in northern Ethiopia.

Why Water? It's just one way to make an impact to those in need.

That's not all -- charity: water will mount a GPS device to drilling rig we fund -- so we'll be able to follow it from village to village once the work gets under way!

Join me -- $20 will provide clean drinking water for 1 person...and each drilling rig can help bring clean water to 80 new villages each year, and help 40,000 people get clean water.

Thank you! This is the *greatest* birthday wish you can give me this year!

Here's to celebrating '40 more' !


Dane Howard


Please spread the word: http://mycharitywater.org/40more