Chloe's 2010 Piano Recital

An important annual event that show's their progress on the piano. Just a few moments, a smile and nerves gets a whole year of practice out of the way...

decorating eggs... family day

Yesterday was a day for the family. We did some prep for easter, and
of course did some decorating of eggs... mamma did some devotions and
we all talked about Easters that we remembered.

Halloween pictures... always fun

It's always a day of fun. This year we started a little early with
some friends over and a quick bite... then off to go trick-o-treating.
Major effort in our neighborhood... thousands of kids... crazy good

What I'm doing all week...

Here's a quick Look behind the scenes at Brand new studio... Working with a talented team on a very tasty title on 'Practical Ecommerce Photography.'
It's a monster, but it should be pretty sweet when it's done.

First Day of School: A letter to the teacher...

There's all kinds of things going on during the first couple days of school... but on the first day Chloe had to write a letter to the teacher... was fun to see how much fun she had getting an assignment together.

First day of school... Moments of 'newness'

There' moments you see your kids go through where you identify with them completely. No matter how confident, accepted or secure they are, there are those moments of 'newness' that feel like there is nothing to talk about. First days of school are filled with such things.

Most of the time, they bounce back and find their stride, as if nothing was ever different. For our little observer, Chloe watches with a reserved presence beyond her years.
First day of school, Fall 2009