Helping her brother...

After she got off her carousel horse, she helped her brother down...
She's a good big sister.

Tucker is a runner!

I took the t-man to the track this Sunday to hang out. We saw some
pole-vaulters and then Ruck decided he was going to run around the
track.. Three laps later and some orange Gatorade he was done. I'm
tellin' ya, this kid is a runner!

Fun at the Aquarium

Tuck and his class buddies had fun at the aquarium. here's some more photos. We had a total blast. It was a little hectic getting all the kids to where they wanted to go, but we had our moments.

i'd do it again in a second.

A picture for dad...

I get into my car this morning to find a nicely folded paper taped and
labled 'dad' ... And inside was a very nice picture by Tucker...
It's fun being a dad.

Daddy daughter date

After volleyball today Chloe and I ran some errands and went to lunch
at CPK. One of her favorite restaurants.
Later we'll wash the cars and paint the garage.