Our little Tuckerman has the flu...

The good and the bad...
poor little T-man has the Flu. Without his medicine, he's pretty
miserable. He gets the chills and the poor little guy is so very

Get better buddy!


A Visit to Westmont - and a Collage

I was invited to Lecture at Westmont College as a guest of the Computer Science department. I gave a lecture on "Mashup Culture" where I explored all kinds of trends, behaviors and observations into Mash-ups.

Prior to the talk I spent about 35 min. shooting the campus, whereby I created a collage for the class, as I demonstrated the new VUVOX Collage tool, which is now in Beta.

This is what I created.

A Trip to Westmont...

02.01.08 ::: Today I visited Westmont Collage to give a talk about 'Mash-up Culture' -- I walked the campus and shot (and built) this collage for the talk...

I started some of it prior to the talk (about 35 minutes worth of work) then began to finish and author it as a live demo...

It was fun! see the collage



Family Walks -

We've had fun over the last couple of months walking our new dog, Heather and riding our new scooters. Here's some more images from our adventures:

Family Walks

A collection of walks that we've done over the last couple of months....

A new dog and a new scooter helps move things along...
see more of my photos

The imagination of a Child - Jedi Style

Tucker has had fun the last couple of months as I’ve introduced him to a few of the Star Wars movies. A day doesn’t go by where he doesn’t want to become a Jedi or pretend that he’s fighting for the freedom of the galaxy in some way.

When we wrestle, he tells me the color of his light saber and proceeds to wrinkle his nose and hold an imaginary saber, all the while making the spark and clashing noises.

All I did was visualize what I could only imagine was going on inside his little head. Way to go Tuck man! Love my son…

Re-arrange a room

This weekend we re-arranged the kids room... taking it from a bunk-bed to two individual beds. Toy consolidation was a must...


Designing a Disney ride (around the dinner table)

Last night at the dinner table, the kids had an imaginary exploration at the dinner table.

They each explained what they would want to design if they were in charge of a BRAND new Disney ride at Disneyland. It was fun to hear their ideas…

Tucker: His idea included a Star Wars ride where he could meet all of the characters, have dinner with them and ride in a space ship.

Chloe: Chloe’s elaborate idea involved riding real live horses and meeting all of the princesses, including princess Amidala (new).

Daddy: I wanted a ride based on the Ratatouille Movie, where you could explore Paris, riding through the sewers of Paris and exploring an underground world. You then grab a ticket and get in line to cook your very own meal, where a personal chef and you work together to make your own lunch. The entire ride takes place under ground. From above, the people above can look into the gigantic kitchen (like Remmy did in the movie)… it would be cool to lay on the thick glass and look into the kitchen and watch all of the commotion. Water ride, shopping, eating… does it get any better than that?

The next time we’re in Disneyland, the kids will have a new appreciation for the Star Wars ride in Tomorrow land.


Follow the light...

Sometimes the light seeks you out. I looked over and knew the light would be nice along the wall. This time Chloe was generous. she said 'sure dad, I'll take some pictures for you' -- and then Tucker joineed her.

The most remarkable thing about light is that when you see it... you know that the picture is going to be good, even before you take it.

Pure Joy...

I took the kids for a walk today... they had so much fun playing on
the track & the jump pads... I got some sequences of Tucker running
towards me.

this one was my favorite...


Scrat Stories...

I've been telling Choe Scrat stories on the way to school lately. She
LOVES them. Today's storie was about Scrat going to Germany and
getting filled up with Streudel.

some of her favorites?

- the time Scrat went to New York City
- The time when Scrat got married
- the time when scrat was a secret agent (and kept humming the MIP soundtrack)

... just to name a few.