He sets off on his own...

I remember the day when Chloe went on two-wheels on her own.
On saturday (May 24th, 2008), Tucker decided he wanted to ride his on
his own two wheels...

Way to go buddy!


sundae night...

we usually combine 'movie' night with 'sundaes' -- the kids love it...
particularly when it is super hot out. We had a series of really hot
nights lately. kids had a hard time going to sleep.

Lori was smart to get the little dishes... it makes the ice cream taste better.


She's 8... and is super funny

Every day I see more and more of Chloe's personality come to life.
She's now 8... which means that she hears more, says more... and is
becoming an independent spirit. She laughs when she wants to, she
shows her distain when she wants to.

I love this young lady she is becoming.

On this day in Los Gatos, it was HOT, and her cheeks were red. She had
been chasing her brother around the playground. She stopped and had a
conversation with mom as dad and Tucker threw the frisbee.


A special mother's day program

on this day, T-man sang a bunch of songs to the mothers. Each mom got
a special rose. We can't thank our mothers enough...

All Smiles - Happy day at the Zoo

After T-man and I spent a few hours at the SB zoo, I put him on my shoulders and we did a power-walk once more through the park... like a review of the things we saw. It's a really small zoo, so it was easy to do. A few times I would ask him to smile and i'd blindly point my camera up, guessing if he was looking at the camera (or not). This was one of those images that turned out just fine...


Tucker Feeds a giraffe

Tuck and I spent some time at the Santa Barbara Zoo... and one of the
highlights was that he got to feed a Giraffe!!

it was totally cool. Tucker says, "I was happy to feed the giraffe. I
was surprised his tounge was black! I was kinduv cool. I would giraffe

fun times...


Remembering Cole...

I was going through some pictures today and came across a photograph of a card I had taken.

It was a picture of a dog named Cole.


Cole touched our hearts in 2003. Chloe had just received an operation on her foot. She was in the recovery room after a very hard night of pain management. Her little soul was sad…


Then came Cole, a sweet dog that would visit kids in the hospital. She was amazing. Chloe lit up and I’m certain it helped in her healing process. This posting goes out to Cole, his owners and all of the volunteers that take their time and their compassion to help those in need.


Thank you for helping a little girl with a smile in 2003.




Photoshop Express went Live today...

I went to the Photoshop Express Online site today (along with every other person in the world) and did some magic on my photos. Super cool site. Lovely Interface. I was able to bring in my photos from Picasa, Facebook, and Photobucket really quickly.

It's a really nice way to edit a photo from a remote location and save it back out.

Here's my own gallery page they gave me...

Kites over Washington

03/01/08 ::: I spent two days in DC last week for some meetings. I
got to walk around a bit. It was FREEZING cold and the wind was
blowing really hard. I liked this shot... kites flying over the
capital. The light was really amazing.

Spending the ENTIRE day with Chloe

Today was a treat, because...

Today I got to spend almost the ENTIRE day with Chloe. It was a rare and wonderful thing. Tucker was home sick with mom, and so we just had an all-day daddy-daughter date. What did we do?

Well, not that much, but we DID spend our time (about 3 hours) on a walk with Heather. She rode her bike and I walked Heather. We talked about school, I told her some Scrat stories, then a few about when I was young.

We laughed about 'Walk much?' when she tripped over some rocks. We seemed to appreciate eachother today.

After that we dropped Heather off at home and we went to lunch. We got her favorite burrito and ate it outside at the Memorial park. She played, waved and went down the slide. We ran some errands for mom at the store and came home.... a beautiful, simple day.

We held hands. Thanks Chloe for being my daughter today.

love, dad.