Airplane park...

We rode our bikes to the airplane park today... The trail was PACKED
with sat. Morning joggers. Tuck and Chloe both did a good job with "on
your left"

It's going to be a hot day...


Struck by the light

I can now respond to the light the moment I see it. Of course, it is
even more beautiful than this picture suggests...

A day at the beach

We rested after a couple hours at the beach today. Family reunion in
Ventura ...

Tuck gets a haircut

I spent the afternoon with the t-man today running errands. One of the
things we did was get the little guy a haircut.

a favorite bowl... the war bowl

I've been waiting for a chance to purchase the 'war bowl'. ever since
I saw it, i was fascinated by it's beauty and it's creative genius.
It's created with a series of melted plastic toy soldiers. The one I
saw was originally in blue. I had wanted white. I'm glad I found

I'm reminded of beauty, light and in a small way... it allows me to
honor those fallen, from time past that served their country, whomever
they are and wherever they may be.

If you're interested in one of these, they can be found at Thorsen Van Elton

The artists name is Dominic Wilcox


Designing T-shirts...

I spent some time on '' yesterday learning about their community and their site. Turns out that *anyone* can submit ideas for t-shirts and the community votes on the ones they want made.

I (humbly) entered my own selection... see here:


I had fun doing this. It was great. As with all communities, there are the 'hard-core' people that always win... but it would be cool for a newbie like me to get a winning design. 'Hey, I did that'