Movie night!

It's the first day of my new camera (Nikon D40x) and it's 'movie
night'... Tonight we watched Return of the Jedi and I couldn't help
but take a few shots...

Automatic Reflections

I went to (nice name) and tried a few of their quick visualizations.

I'm not sure what use some of them were, but I grabbed an image and itautomatically made a reflection. Here it is: reflected

Sometimes you hand over the camera

On this day, I handed over the camera to my daugher, Chloe. ..

She did a great job, aligning the shot and asking me to smile.
It was fun for me to get back to the computer and see the shot she had composed...


Using Picnik for layout

I did some experimenting with picnik tonight with their text and layout tools... kind-uv ho-hum, but I see there's some potential here. What I like more is that I'm posting it directly to blogger from their site... nice.


Scooter flow - Fuzion

Christmas day ::: Chloe got a Fuzion scooter for Christmas from Santa.
The thing just 'flows' along the pavement. It's unbelievable how much
more she enjoys going on walks and how she loves to go outside now.

thank you,


Amazing Words....

I was given this card by my daughter Chloe the other day. It truly
brought a smile to my face. It was one of those things that made my
entire week.

thank you Chloe. dad loves you.


The Sunken Cowboy -

Here's a painting that I've always liked. It's about the irony of having 'fun' taken away by someone... and for a reason that is sometime... unknown. I painted this originally in 2001 and I've returned to the idea in 2003 when I painted this for a show in Seattle.

This is currently hanging in my daughter's room.

more paintings are located on Dane's portfolio website